Subdomain Subsites are giving 404 and wildcard SSL not working

I’ve installed wildcard SSL on my network but subdomain SSL is still giving unsafe warning, and subsites are giving 404 error.

I’ve created wildcard subdomain in plesk as this guide suggests:

Update: Subdomains are working now. But though wildcard SSL is installed, SSL is not working for subdomains.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Ryan, I spoke further with Predrag and Adam on this and they both agree that it’s a system admin issue. We don’t have much experience with issuing and configuring SSL’s.

    I did find out you were using 1and1 hosting though? One of our other staff has them as well. Are you on shared or dedicated host? Apparently could be some issues due to 1and1’s restrictions on shared hosts. Either way I would suggest contacting them again and asking. Perhaps you’ll get a different tech staff – if it was me, I would keep asking them until I got someone who could help :smiley: I haven’t had a host not help with an SSL cert before(some do charge for it though), bit surprised yours didn’t the first time.

    Sorry we couldn’t help more with this. If you have any further questions for us then just let us know.



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