subdomains not resolving - this webpage is not available

i activated subdomain multisite setup on the website
i have followed all the instructions as specified but i see that the
subdomains (for example or both sites are getting created but when i am trying to access the subdomains i am getting "this webpage is not available".

Pls advise where i have gone wrong - i am facing the same situation with subdomain install also

best regards

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Srinivas,

    I hope you're doing well today!

    As for the subdomains, there's some issues with DNS config. Online DNS Lookup tool gives me a response that "No results found for hostname query type A" (the same about the other subdomain) which means that - from the DNS system point of view - there simply no such subdomain.

    How to deal with it? First of all, the question is when did you created those subdomains? Sometimes it takes a while for DNS system to "catch up" with those changes. Usually it's almost immediate in case of subdomains (and it should be), but it depends on how are the DNS servers of your hosting providers configured.

    Most likely there's an issue with either hosting provider or subdomains' config that you've created. Hence the error applies to DNS system so there's probably nothing wrong with WP install itself.

    First I'd login into your server's admin panel and check again if subdomains are properly configured. If so, I'd wait an hour or two just to be sure that the DNS system had time to "catch up" with changes (which in case of subdomains isn't usually necessary but in rare cases it happens). If it doesnt work still, I'd turn to support team of your hosting provider and ask them to check if the subdmains are properly set up.

    Hope that helped.

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