*.[subdomains].utm.my - is it possible?

Hi. I'm the webmaster of http://www.utm.my.

Currently I'm seeing this plugin can help my problems on creating a blog based on subdomains, not domains.

I'm installing WP+network on http://www.utm.my. I'm giving the option to the user to choose which subdomain they want, which is http://blogname.cheme.utm.my OR http://blogname.computer.utm.my.

Is this possible with this plugin?

  • msh
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Will this plugin be an alternative to manual site creating method, which is, if I want a site at cheme.utm.my, I need to create a vhost, and install a wp inside that, and if i need another subdomain from cheme.utm.my, let say organic.cheme.utm.my, i need to create another vhost, and install another Wp, and this also need to assign new DNS record. However that will need multiple Wp installation.

    Since Wp cannot have subdomain and subdirectory network at the same time, I'm think this plugin can fill in that gap. For example, in DNS record, A *.utm.my points to utm.my (where a wp is installed). Using this plugin, I can add new domain, cheme.utm.my OR fsksm.utm.my OR any domain name I want, from there I can create any new site, all from single WP installation located at http://www.utm.my.

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