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I am new to The Daily Theme, and need a little help. Under the Top Menus, which appear to be category driven, I have established a category of "E-zine." Under E-zine, I would like drop down menus for "Current Edition," "Previous Editions," and "Submit Your News." I know how to set up submenus for regular menus, but not menus based off categories, such as the top menu of Daily. Is it possible to have a drop down menu from the top menu? Is there a better way to organize and have readers access archived editions of the magazine? Please advise.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hello reachcreative,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev! I hope you are enjoying the ride so far.

    There are many ways to go around this. I am assuming that you are using BuddyPress and that you have "Current Edition," "Previous Editions," and "Submit Your News." set-up as pages.

    First, you could setup a Custom Menu. Go to Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu (give some name to the menu say "menu1":wink: and select that menu as your "Primary Navigation" (see the screenshot attached.). Now you can add elements into this menu. You will see all you Pages and Categories on the left. Select the ones you want and click "Add to menu". You can even add links to external pages using "Custom Links".

    If you notice in the screenshot, the menu item "Sample Page" is intended to the right of the menu item "Cat1". This means Sample Page comes down as a drop down to "Cat 1". But when you first add the items to the menu, everything will be a new menu item. You make a sub menu, by clicking the item and dragging it to the right. You can also move around elements by dragging it around. Simple!

    You can insert the items you want such as "Current Edition" and so on from the pages and arrange it in any order you want.

    This custom menu will appear as a new menu just below the Categories menu. Now if this is not what you want, and you want to have a custom menu that you created instead of the Categories Menu, I have a solution. This might not be the ideal solution, but it works.

    Using your FTP client, navigate to this folder (I hope this is a buddypress installation, if not let me know):

    you will find a file named "buddypress-navigation.php". Replace it with the file I have attached in here.

    What I have done here is, I replaced the main menu with the custom menu. Note that the menu will only appear if you have a Custom Menu in place.

    Also note, when you update the theme, there is a chance that this file is over-written, so you might have to work on this again after a theme update, but then we are always around to help!

    Let me know if I fixed your problem. And feel free to ask for more :slight_smile:

    Arun Basil Lal

  • lisa_duncan

    before I do this I want to make sure that this information is still correct. I see it is from 6 months ago.

    The problem I have is that I have created a custom menu. That is that only menu that I want to have at the top. I do not want the cat menu or any other menu except my custom menu.

    You can visit the site at

    you will see that there are three rows of menus and all I want is the second row which is my custom menu. I am using Daily and Buddypress


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