"Submit" button disappears and a missing progress indicator on Buddypress Activity Plus

Thanks for this great plugin. The ability to add images to the Activity Stream is a life saver!

However, I have some problems implementing it. All works fine for the installation, but I ahv the following feedback:
1) When I click the + or buttons to add images/videos/URLs, the "Post Update" button in the bottom-right disappears. Therefore, even if I add an image or content in the Activity Stream, I have no method to "submit" the content...

2) When I add an image, it would be very good to have some sort of progress indicator to show that something is being uploaded. I thought nothing was being uploaded, so I clicked and uploaded 5 times the same image before I left the page, came back, and saw all 5 images were uploaded... therefore, some sort of animated gif or some sort of progress indicator to show that the image is being uploaded would be a fantastic idea.

  • Mason

    Hiya paperweight,

    Thanks for your compliments here. We're glad you're finding this one useful :slight_smile:

    It sounds to me like a javascript conflict on your site. That would explain the button disappearing and possibly the second issue you mentioned as well.

    Using firebug you can load the page and get a listing of javascript errors. If you can provide a link, we can take a look at this with you as well and help you get it sorted. Most of the time a javascript error is caused by conflicting plugins, but it can also be the theme.

    Let us know if we can assist further.


  • paperweight

    Hi sorry for my delay. I'm based in a country that blocks the servers where wpmudev.org resides, so only when I get access to a good VPN can I follow what's happening here and respond~

    Ok, I installed Firebug, but what exactly should I do to show you my error? Can you give me a sample snippet of something similar to what you need to see? My buddypress install is a "closed" site, so I would need to give you a temporary username/password off-list for you to access it -- is that ok?

    I am using the default "BuddyPress Default 1.2.7 by BuddyPress.org" theme and I made no changes to it.

    Thanks for your help~

  • paperweight

    Ah, I just found a potential security problem with this plugin. It's not a bug, but rather I am using it in a way that provides a security problem for me.

    My problem is that I have a "locked down" buddypress site that only allows logged-in users to see all the content (i.e. even my home page is only a login form with no other content). I have locked off the feeds, etc. However, this plugin stores media in a folder here:
    And everything in that folder is available to people who are not logged in.

    Anyway, my 2 cents and I would like to find a way to close all this off. Other plugins, btw, have the same problem -- when i install them I find they make content available outside the site, so I have to always uninstall them. However, the Buddypress Activity Plus is such an AWESOME plugin that really solves a major problem that I really do not want to uninstall it ;(

    tks for your thoughts~

  • Mason

    Hiya paperweight,

    If you'll send a contact request through our page here:

    Just put my name (Mason) in the subject line and provide a link to this thread along with guest admin credentials to your site and I will take a look with you.

    As to the privacy concerns, I've run this by the developers and they'll take a look - I can see the issue with wanting to keep it absolutely private. We'll see if we can come up with an alternate solution.

    Thanks again.

  • paperweight

    I appreciate your help Mason. There's probably no need to login now since the problem is one of privacy, not security -- sorry I mixed up those ideas. For privacy, yes, it's going to be very important for my group on the website I manage and build to have all uploads/pics as private as possible.

    Ok, for the original post I made on "BuddyPress Activity Plus", it seems that it's more of a usability issue with me, rather than a javascript issue. I have now used the plugin a few times, and my website users have too. Here is some feedback to help make it better. This is an AWESOME plugin and works very well, and here are some suggestions to make it better:

    1) When we upgrade the plugin from inside the admin section of WP, there is no Changelog details so we know clearly what has been changed. It would be good to have a changelog.

    2) There are 4 icons: a plus, camera, film, and link.
    a) The plus appears not so useful unless one of the other icons is clicked, and then the plus becomes an X for canceling the procedure. The X is definitely useful, but the plus is confusing -- we click it thinking it will do something, but it appears to do nothing alone. I suggest remove it or make it a blank gif that then changes into the red X. I also suggest add small words like "Add images, movies, and links" next to the icons so people understand what it does (I know, I know, they should understand from the icons, but my users are very smart and many still do not get it).

    b) For the camera icon, it says "Upload a file". That is fine and understandable. However, when I browse to find the file, nothing happens when the file is being uploaded in the background. Especially for larger pics, it is unclear what is happening in the background, or even if the upload succeeded until the pic appears on the page. I suggest an hourglass image or some sort of swirling circle to show that the image is being uploaded. Also maybe add text like "Upload in progress. This may take a few minutes. Please be fracking patient."

    c) However, then another problem occurs in relation to (b) above. After the image is uploaded, a button that says "Add photos" appears below the pic. If I still plan to add more photos, my first reaction is to click that "Add photos" button so that I can browse and add more photos to my activity post. However, that button instead publishes the activity.... that has been confusing for all my users, and me, and we constantly forget and add posts before they are completed with all the pics we want to upload. Maybe instead do this: i) remove the "Upload a file" button AFTER the first image is uploaded; ii) Change the ""Add photos" to "Add more photos!" and allow me to browse and add photos; iii) add a new button that says something like "Publish!"

    3) About the upload file button, it would be good to have a short message on what filetypes are possible to upload. Is it only images? Or all files like doc, xls, ppt, pdf, etc? Telling my users that (even though it is a camera icon) will ease usability issues.

    4) When we Reply to someone's activity stream or comment, BuddyPress Activity Plus does not appear in those instances. It would be great if it did.

    Thank you thank you again for all your great help.

  • Vladislav


    In the latest release (v1.2, just released), there have been some UI changes to address some of the points you mentioned: the red "X" is replaced with a "Cancel" button, and the file uploads now have a progress indicator.

    The new version also supports uploads of documents, via integration with the Group Documents plugin for BuddyPress. If the presence of this plugin is detected, a new item with a document icon is added to the right of upload icons (image, video, link), which will allow uploading the documents to groups.

  • paperweight

    Excellent!! Thank you so much for incorporating our feedback into your plugin. I just upgraded WP to 3.2.1 and then installed your update.

    The % upgrade and the file size are even better than I had hoped for -- this works very well.

    I do have Group Documents plugin installed and I clicked the file image. If I do go to a specific group's page and then try clicking file and uploading a file, it does work fine. And if I am on the main Activity page, I can dropdown the list of groups and then it works fine too.

    However, if I am on my own user page, it says "Please select a group to upload to", but I have no choices for groups shown to me on that page. For example, if I am on a page like:

    Again, thank you very much for these additions -- the upload progress indicator really relieves most of the problems we had with implementing it with ease.

    Pls let me know if you need my help to troubleshoot other items related to this plugin.


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