"Submit" button disappears and a missing progress indicator on Buddypress Activity Plus

Thanks for this great plugin. The ability to add images to the Activity Stream is a life saver!

However, I have some problems implementing it. All works fine for the installation, but I ahv the following feedback:

1) When I click the + or buttons to add images/videos/URLs, the “Post Update” button in the bottom-right disappears. Therefore, even if I add an image or content in the Activity Stream, I have no method to “submit” the content…

2) When I add an image, it would be very good to have some sort of progress indicator to show that something is being uploaded. I thought nothing was being uploaded, so I clicked and uploaded 5 times the same image before I left the page, came back, and saw all 5 images were uploaded… therefore, some sort of animated gif or some sort of progress indicator to show that the image is being uploaded would be a fantastic idea.