Submit documents for approval per user

When someone becomes a contractor on my site using WPMU-Membership I want to display a place for them to submit certain forms, contracts etc. for review and approval.

Example: They must download a tax form, fill it out, e-sign it using and submit it back to me for approval. It would then show 'pending review' and I could go into the admin side and 'approve' or 'reject' for example.

I'd like to have several of these one for tax form, one for a contract, one for insurance documents. Once all are approved I could move them to the next access level in Membership.

Does anyone know of an existing plugin that could accomplish this? I've seen gravity forms and other things mentioned but I don't know if they have this functionality.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Jeff, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    Inside of Gravity Forms, you could create a form for each document type you're wanting here, that would allow your users to upload the documents they'd be signing, along with their name & email address (and any other details you feel should be added).

    Once a user fills out the form, you could go to Forms -> Entries, and review the entry for the file he uploaded. Once you've confirmed that a user has filled out the form correctly, you could then go into Membership, and switch them to the appropriate subscription. :slight_smile:

    How does this sound?

    Kind Regards,

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