Submit form issue. Basic HTML


I'm developing a form to add products that exist on the main site to a child site.

I have successfully shown the products from the main site on the user's "Edit Shop" page.

A page is shown with all of the products and each product is in a div and inside that div there is a form for that product for them to add to the registry.

However, NOTHING happens when I click the submit button named Add to Registry.

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my form code.

<form action="add_product.php" method="post" name="addprodform-293">
<div class="hm_product_content">
<a id="product_image-293" href="">
<img width="100" height="100" src="" class="alignleft mp_product_image_list wp-post-image" alt="all-inclusive resort" title="All-Inclusive Resort ">
<textarea class="hm_textarea" name="hm_textarea">We’ll relax worry-free at a luxury resort with all meals and cocktails provided.</textarea>
<div class="hm_product_meta">
<table class="hm_tablestatus">
<td>Price ($)</td>
<input onchange="return ourhm_UpdateTotal(this,_mp_inventory)" class="toAdd" type="text" name="_mp_price" style="width:40px;" autocomplete="off" value="100"></td></tr><tr><td>Quantity</td><td><input class="toAdd" onchange="return ourhm_UpdateTotal(this,_mp_price)" type="text" name="_mp_inventory" style="width:40px;" autocomplete="off" value="9"></td></tr></tbody></table><div class="totalgift">Total gift:</div><div class="totalgift"><span id="span_totalgift">$900</span></div><input type="hidden" name="main_product" value="Test"><input type="hidden" name="main_productmeta" value="Array,Array,Array,Array,Array,Array,Array,0,Array,1,Array,Array,,Array,Array,"><input type="hidden" name="hashreturn" value="addprodform-293"><input type="hidden" name="formURL" value=""><input type="submit" value="Add To Registry »" name="addregistry-293" class="mp_button_addcart"></div></form>

Thanks again. I have a process file but it doesn't even get called.