Subscribe By Email 2.8 Release Candidate 1

Hey there!

Here's the Release Candidate for 2.8 version. Although the plugin behaves pretty much the same, there are tons of changes in the background (and more will come in the next two or three versions).

First of all is that the plugin is not useing more custom tables to save subscribers (only logs for the moment, but we'll get rid of them in the next version too).

Second, there have been a lot of removed code, better queries, a reply-to setting for every subsite in a network and some little changes in the backend styles.

I have cleaned some bugs but I guess others will appear so DO NOT TEST THE PLUGIN IN A PRODUCTION SITE.

Although the subscribers are moved to wp_posts table, the SBE table is not erased so you can go back to the previous version if you see problems. Once we see that everything is working we'll delete the table forever :slight_smile:.

EDIT: Just to let you know. As soon as you update the plugin you'll need to access to the admin, then you'll see an alert to upgrade the database manually. That should start to move subscribers from old table to wp_posts table, just be patient.

Have fun!