Subscribe by Email - Allow other User Roles to Manage?


I was wondering if there was a way to allow other WordPress roles to manage the plugin aside from the Administrator role?

We would like to convert all of my blogs that are currently using JetPack's subscribe by email feature to WPMUDev's plugin, but this is the only thing holding us back. The JetPack version allows other user roles to manage their plugin, but unfortunately JetPack's offering is woefully under-featured by comparison and does not allow ownership or manipulation of the list of subscribers, which is a HUGE shortcoming and turn-off to me.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to set level of role accessibility somewhere within the plugin's settings as opposed to hacking core plugin files (which will have to be reapplied with each plugin update).

Failing that, adding a snippet to my functions.php file would also be acceptable. Gravity forms allows this type of solution for extending Gravity Forms to user roles other than Administrator. If something similar to that solution could be effectively reworked for WPMUDev's subscribe by email plugin, that'd be awesome. It's worked perfectly for my multiple Gravity Form instances.

Much like that example, I set up my users as editors VS admins "so they can’t go and switch themes and install rogue plugins" or do anything that could easily bring down the entire WP Network install.

Hope that all makes sense!