subscribe-by-email breaks the citizen kane template

Hey guys, LOVE these plugins and the site here.

I just installed subscribe by email, and it might meet my needs ok, however...

I'm using a buddypress template call Citizen Kane, with WP 3.1 and BuddyPress 1.2.8. I've tried this with everything disabled except BP and this plugin, and I get the same result.

When Subscribe by Email is enabled, it works (I think) but the front page template gives this error, seen in Firebug:

' $("#content":wink: is null
[Break On This Error] $("#content":wink:.addClass("grid_16":wink:; '

-- and references it to theme.js (line 2) -- here is the contents of that script:

' $(document).ready(function(){
}); '

The front page no longer displays a sidebar. See the attached jpgs of the frontpage, before and after I activate the plugin.

Hope you can suggest a fix!