Subscribe by email conflict with Featured Content Gallery

Hi there

This one has been driving me a little crazy for a couple of hours!

Subscribe by email is conflicting with Featured Content Gallery - it drops the image off the front page.

You can see what it's doing here:

Any help on this will be muchly appreciated



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    This appears to be an issue with the gallery plugin as it's chucking out this error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function () {
    		this.fireEvent('onStart'); = "none";
    		this.lastIter = this.maxIter - 1;
    		this.currentIter = 0;
    		this.galleryInit = 0;
    		this.galleryElements[parseInt(this.currentIter)].set({opacity: 1});
    		if (this.options.showInfopane)
    			this.showInfoSlideShow.delay(1000, this);
    		var textShowCarousel = formatString(this.options.textShowCarousel, this.currentIter+1, this.maxIter);
    		if (this.options.showCarousel&&(!this.options.carouselPreloader))
    			this.carouselBtn.setHTML(textShowCarousel).setProperty('title', textShowCarousel);
    		if (this.options.embedLinks)
    	} has no method 'fireEvent'
    (anonymous function)

    I suspect it might not be using the proper enqueue functions for loading javascript.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Sorry, I only speak two languages: English and Bad English :wink:

    Basically, when a plugin or theme has some Javascript or CSS that it wants to include there is a special method provided by WordPress for doing so.

    Using that method ensures that they are only inserted where necessary to help avoid conflicts. It seems as though the gallery plugin is not using that method and as such the Javascript is included in a way that creates a conflict.

    I'd recommended contacting the developer of the plugin to let him know and see if s/he could look into the issue with you.


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