Subscribe by Email - database error

Hi there. One of our members opened a ticket today that their emails were not going out. I verified the issue - it is only a problem since we did our last batch of updates a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure if the issue is with the latest version of New Blog Templates or with Subscribe by email.

After the updates (we updated both plugins) - newly created blogs are not able to send emails from the Subscribe by email plugin. This works fine on blogs created before the update.

We're seeing the following error:

Also on a separate note: the send test email functionality does not seem to work for new or older blogs. The email simply doesn't go out - not seeing any errors in the log.

Additional detail. The subscribe by email plugin is included in our default template blog so all newly created blogs come with the subscribe by email plugin included. This was working fine before we updated to the latest version of both plugins.