Subscribe by Email digest sending posts from wrong category

Hi. I recently added the Subscribe by Email plugin to my site ( My first weekly digest went out this morning and much to my surprise it included all posts instead of just posts from the single category I selected.

I have attached a couple of screen shots so that you can see exactly how I set things up.

In the first image (screenshot01.jpg) you will see that I only selected the "eNews" category.

In the second image (screenshot02.jpg) you can see an example of two posts that were included in the email digest, but neither were in the "eNews" category.

In the third image (screenshot03.jpg) you can see as an example that the first article which appeared in the digest came from a completely different category. (In this case it was in the "Shows" category and "eNews" was not selected.)

Have I done something incorrectly to set this up so that only posts with the "eNews" tag are included in the email digests?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards