[Subscribe by Email] MyISAM vs InnoDB Storage Engine Usage

In the following forum about 4 replies into down, a user had asked the question with regards to hard coded references to MyISAM in WPMUDev plugins when their schemas are created.


The 5th reply down, someone had responded by saying they would need to contact a developer to confirm. No follow up had been made since then answering that.

I was wondering if this question can be answered. What is the thinking ( outside of compatibility issues with different versions of MySQL ) behind the continued use of this storage engine type? We're using "Subscribe by Email" plugin and, due to changes to our database infrastructure, we're in a position where we need to convert the tables this plugin creates to InnoDB.

Would anyone be able to speak to the hazard in converting these tables to InnoDB? As the posting mentioned above begins, the choice in using MyISAM is based purely on compatibility or is it MyISAM's read performance that much better to InnoDB?

  • Ash

    Hello Farhad Fatahalian

    This is I got from the developer:

    InnoDB is better for indexes and loads data faster. MyISAM is good for recovery since InnoDB stores all db data and indexes in one big file, making it easier just to recover a smaller file. But mainly it depends on what the table is for. For many transactions InnoDB is preferred.

    And he also mentioned, you can convert the infrastructure and that has no negative effect.

    I would also recommend taking a complete backup of your database before proceeding. Have a nice day!


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