Subscribe by Email plugin missing field and reset to default name

Good morning,

I have the Subscribe by Email activated on several sites. However after upgrading to the latest version (2.7.3) the plugin now is using the root site name instead of the sub blog's name. The one site in particular used to send out as the site Name, but now uses the root site's name. This can be corrected by hand for all sites using this plugin, but seems like a new field was chosen and the old data not brought forward. Resetting to defaults on the site does not help either which would provide a quick fix.

Secondly, the sending email address cannot be configured like it could be before. Therefore new users have the emails being sent from: no-reply@. Existing blogs that were configured are no longer able to have this setting changed (other than digging into the DB). This in turn causes the emails to bounce at our mail server.

Note current WP version is 3.8.2.

Thanks for your thoughts.