Subscribe by Email (user suggestion)

Hello WPMU. Great plugin!

A user on our network has a primarily theoretical issue with this plugin. Of course it is a simple fix in the “confirmation-mail-template.php” file, but we are choosing to inform you instead. What do you think? Keep up the awesome work!

~UNC Team

subscribe by email plugin

Below is the subscription email that is sent by this plugin. I can customize the greeting, but cannot eliminate the blog word in “blog name” and “blog url”. Since I am using this as a web site the word blog is confusing. Is there a way of eliminating/changing the blog word


You recently signed up to be notified of new posts on my blog. This means

once you confirm below, you will receive an email when posts are published.

To activate, click confirm below. If you believe this is an error, ignore this message

and nothing more will happen.

Blog Name:

Blog URL: