[subscribe by mail] accents in mail exerpt

hello !

Wel all in title : the excerpt in email notification does not take accents :slight_frown: so I have a

Cher abonn, (without é)

Accompagnement Etudiant a publi (without é)

BUT the post excerpt content does have its accents :

j’ai été obligé

mmmmm ?

The é hardcoding does not work neither :

$subscribe_by_email_instant_notification_content = __("Cher abonné,

but I have in the code :

BLOGNAME a publi eacute un nouvel article : POST_TITLE

the file subscribe-by-email.php is coded in ansi, but if I save it as utf8 I have an error :slight_frown:

(sorry for the eacute the forum translate them in good accents )