Subscribe to plans multiple times / Events multiple RSVP

My membership site (using WPMU Membership plugin) will be managing the payments for weekly sports programs. It will allow parents to pay and sign their kid up for a number of weeks of their choice (using the Subscription Plans functionality). I am running into a snag realizing that some parents may have more than one child they will want to sign up to the same program. Is there any way I can allow one Wordpress account to have the same Subscription Plan multiple times (ie. one time for each child?). Or would I need to have multiple Subscription Plans as in the following:

1) Kid's Camp

2) Kid's Camp (Second Child)

3) Kid's Camp (Third Child)

Also, I was going to use the Events plugin to allow the parents to RSPV themselves and/or their children for Tournaments. However, it looks like the Events plugin only allows one RSVP per Wordpress account. How would I go about allowing multiple RSVP's per Wordpress account using the Events plugin?

I know that things might seem simpler by making the parents create a new Wordpress account for each member of the family (including each individual child). However, this would be very cumbersome for a family to manage, and would like to allow a family to manage everything under one account. A big reason for this is that there is an annual rate that each family must pay before even being able to sign up for the kid's programs.

Thanks in advance for any help!