Subscribe tool for individual blog admins?

Okay, I am totally frustrated and desperately need some help here

I have downloaded the subscribe function but realized there is no way for individual blogs admins to control what notifications are sent out. This is a disaster when I setup an autoblog feed for a blog admin with the subscribe plugin enabled.

Mailchimp I thought would be the answer but it turns out it only works at the Super Admin level from what I can tell?

I need a way for my individual blog admins to collect subscribers and send email notification similar to Subscribe2 plugin I have used on non-Multisite install.

Am I crazy? I can't imagine I am the only one with this requirement? What do you suggest?

HELP! Thanks in advance!

  • Mason


    Can you tell us what you're specifically looking for? What kind of emails are you wanting your users to send out?

    The subscribe by email plugin will allow individual sites to send out emails when a new post is added.

    Our mailchimp plugin should work with multisite or regular WordPress and add subscribers to the WordPress site to your mailchimp lists.

    There's also loads of plugins out there that interface with various email newsletter services. Check out the WordPress repository for several plugins that could be activated individually by site admins and customized at will.

    Hope this helps, but if not, let us know and we'll find ya a more specific solution.