Subscriber permissions fail to set…they can still ask questions!

I know it sounds odd, but I need subscribers to be able to

1. Register

2. Read questions

3. View answers

4. Vote

but NOT ask questions…

It seems possible but perhaps not. Any ideas?

  • emailgb2
    • New Recruit

    Okay, silly question time.

    I have not yet worked on the plugin. It's a nice tool and probably does what you think in terms of my issue. It is quite complicated, but I will dig into it.

    However, the question: My problem is not keeping people way from /questions/ask but the little blue and gray boxes on top of every single question and answer. Each page has a "Ask a Question" option.

    Unless I block the subs from reading all the questions (which would be ridiculous and beside the point), who can I remove that particular feature from each page?

    I need contributors to see the questions and answer them. (Not to ask them).

    I need subs to see and vote (not ask nor answer).

    The cleanest solution is the eliminate all the boxes (Questions, Unanswered, Ask a Question, and Search), possibly by commenting that out, maybe?

    I can give contributors separate links to /questions and /unanswered. Search is not important.

    Ideas? Hmmm? Remember, you're a w e s o m e to me. No pressure.

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