subscribers didn't receive notice of new post

I just created a new post and while I received notice of it, I talked to two of the subscribers to my blog and neither of them got it. Please advise as to how to fix this. Thanks.

  • Will Ashworth

    Couple questions:

    Have you checked logs to see any errors triggering in PHP error_log?

    Although this probably isn't it, it's worth checking your mail log as well, to ensure the emails are leaving your server.

    Maybe test it out with one of your own external email addresses too, like a Yahoo! or Hotmail address. Something other than your main one.

    These people wouldn't happen to be with something like AOL where they block most of the world, incorrectly thinking you're a spammer, would they?

    Can you check here with your hosting IP address to see if your server IP may be blacklisted?

  • MCCS

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not sure where the error_log is. Can you point me in the right direction?

    How can I check if the emails are leaving my server? Would each sent email show up in my sent folder for The site is hosted on godaddy and there is nothing in that Sent folder, which is obviously wrong since I've been sending emails from this email address. I checked with gmail (I have it set up through that as well) and don't see any sent emails on the subject at all, even the ones that I received at two of my email addresses.

    I tested it out with my work address and my personal address. Both work. My wife's email address doesn't work however; neither do the few people with whom I've checked.

    The recipients are using all kinds of different email providers, mostly gmail and corporate.

    I checked the hosting IP address on the link you gave me and it's not blacklisted.

    Any other ideas??

    Thanks a lot,

  • Will Ashworth

    Actually, knowing this is on GoDaddy clues me in a little.

    They make you send through their own relay server. You'll need to contact them for details on how to set it all up, but basically your scripts will need to SMTP relay through them instead of whatever else you're design, the way they setup their hosting config for shared hosting.

    I wish I had a workaround for you, but at least we have a direction to start troubleshooting! :slight_smile:

  • MCCS

    Hi - thanks again. I just got off the phone with Godaddy. They are saying everything is great on their end - no max number of recipients. I also tried sending an email to a different email address both from the godaddy dashboard and my gmail address (set up to send via and both got delivered, which tells me it's something with the plugin itself.

    I've also checked the junk email for my wife's email address (gmail) and this message was not in there.

    Let me know - thanks!

  • aecnu

    Greetings Chicago Creative Space,

    Thank you for the details and sorry to see that you are having an issue with the Subscribe by Email plugin and your WordPress installation.

    The first issue I can see right away is that your WordPress version is behind several versions, so that would be the first place to start i.e. Upgrading you WordPress from version 3.4.2 to the current version 3.5.1

    Regarding Go Daddy hosting, it is my opinion they are one of the worst choices for WordPress hosting that I know of due to their configurations including the separate database server which just adds lag time to page rendering in the round trip from the web server to the database server and back.

    However, that will not keep me from trying to help you with all my professional ability.

    (set up to send via and both got delivered, which tells me it's something with the plugin itself.

    This is not necessarily true at all that it is the plugin and a true comparison of apples to oranges at best. There could indeed be several reasons why this is not sending out email.

    Lets dig in. Please update your WordPress version and test again and advise us as to what the results are after the update and we will continue to dig in if necessary.

    Looking forward to hearing about your results in any event.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Will Ashworth

    What I was referring to was GoDaddy requiring you to send through their email relay server from your scripts. It's not a "problem" with the hosting, such that a web service may be down or offline, but rather your software needs to send email using their relay server if you're going to send email from their servers.

    I believe the correct relay server is:

    It's my understanding that your emails won't make it beyond the GoDaddy network unless you're using one of their relay servers (which is how they've chosen to fight SPAM leaving their network).

  • aecnu

    Greetings Chicago Creative Space and Will Ashworth,

    Thank you for letting us know and happy to have been of assistance.

    @Will Ashworth though I am not a coder I believe it has something to do with the way the WP mail() function was changed to tighten security and prevent spamming in WordPress 3.5 and of course the plugins have all been updated to function with the new version.

    Thank you both for being WPMU DEV Community Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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