Subscribers not being created in Stripe with subscription plans in Membership2 PRO


I am using Membership2 Pro with the Stripe gateway. I have a subscription based membership plan setup. I noticed in my Stripe account that my paid members were not listed under Subscribers. I contacted Stripe as to why. Here is their response:

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It looks like you are actually creating one-off payments for your customers (i.e. [0]), rather than creating subscriptions. With Stripe, a Plan is something that a customer can be subscribed to, but it won't automatically happen unless you pass the plan parameter when creating the customer[1]. In other words, if you want a customer to pay $7.99/month, you would pass plan: 'jrwodpro' when creating the customer (rather than creating any charges manually).

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My question is, does the Membership2 Pro plugin handle the recurring billing when I enter the credentials from Stripe? I want to be sure that my customers membership continues automatically each month, and they are billed according.