Subscription By Email Plugin replyto email address

Can you add a custom replyto email address for the subscribe by email plugin?

Right now if the recipient tries to rply to the email they are responding to their own email address and not the company that sent the email.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Erin,

    The subscription plugin should be a no-reply address, users shouldn't be replying to the email as it's just a notification, they should be clicking on the links in the message. it isn't designed as a means of communication for admins.

    You can set the subscribe from email address in the general settings.

    Dashboard > subscriptions > settings > general

    The default should be set as

    It's recommended to use this, and then setup a bouce in your servers email settings for the no-reply, which should then send out a bounce notice or something?

    Hope this helps

    • Erin

      I think that we might not talking about the same settings/headers. Currently the Subscribe By Email plugin sends emails with these headers (some headers removed for relevancy):

      Subject: Email from Subscribe By Email plugin
      To: <user@domain.tld>
      Return-Path: <no-reply@wordpress.tld>
      From: "SBE Plugin" <no-reply@wordpress.tld>
      Reply-To: <user@domain.tld>

      With these headers, a bounce (or any other communications not initiated by a human, such as Auto-Replies or Out-Of-Office) will go to the Return-Path, which is the same as the 'From' value that is configured in the plugin settings menu. This is good as some mail systems do not follow specs and use the From value instead. But my question was actually about the 'Reply-To' header, which is currently the same value as the 'To' header. This means that if a user does click reply, the message will be sent to them (user@domain.tld)and they will not see the 'no-reply@wordpress.tld' address in their client. Also, some email clients/servers will use the reply-to to send bounces\auto-replies, once again in violation of RFC3834, which could create a infinite loop on some servers. Can the plugin be updated so that the Reply-To header value can either be configured via the plugin settings or at least use the same value as the 'From' and 'Return-Path' headers?

  • Vaughan


    Ok, I see now.

    You can change this by editing the /subscribe-by-email/inc/mail-templates/mail-template.php

    Find the following lines:

    $headers = array(
    				'x-mailer-php' => "X-Mailer:PHP/".phpversion(),
    				'reply-to' => "Reply-To: <$mail>",
    				'list-unsubscribe' => "List-Unsubscribe: <$unsubscribe_url>"

    Replace with;

    $headers = array(
    				'x-mailer-php' => "X-Mailer:PHP/".phpversion(),
    				'reply-to' => "Reply-To: <$this->settings['from_email']>",
    				'list-unsubscribe' => "List-Unsubscribe: <$unsubscribe_url>"

    I will mark this as a feature request, I do know, the developer is adding better templates for an upcoming release, so this should hopefully be addressed by then.

    Hope this helps

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