Subscription Failure…

PPV is a great plugin, it works for me on One-time Payment for readers to read.

However, for the subscription mode with twitter/FB auth, Paypal seems successful charged and do the transaction, but when press “back to xxx website”, it seems just bring a “http//…” to my website, but the protected content is still being protected…

I have upgraded my PayPal account to Business, and grant API key on Paypal site, shall I do “Creating an API Certificate” and upload to my Dreamhost server? Or is it more steps I need to do?


Now it works. After set “Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout > Preferences > Auto Return for Website Payments” to ON, and also this “Payment Data Transfer (optional)” switched to ON, too. The return URL should become “http//”, and it will take a minute and be able to refresh the page to see protected content.

However, it seems I can ONLY set ONE “Auto Return for Website Payments- Return URL” in the preference, is that meas I have to create more than one Paypal Business account for more than one website Paypal Express Payment service?

Please help me, thanks!