subscription form embed code, browser link and from address of another domain,

I have few questions regarding this plugin.

How do I generate a subscription form to be added on external sites like mail chimp?

How do I add the link in my news letters to view the email in browser? and have the option to comment on it?

How do I change the 'from' address to be of another domain while using a third party mail service like sendgrid or mandril?

Would appreciate a reply with some details instead of plain 'no's for each question :slight_smile:

  • Alexander

    Hi @chodhry,

    Are you using SMTP? If so you can change the "From address" from the outgoing mail settings. This can be different from the username used to authenticate.

    e-Newsletter doesn't have a method to setup an external subscription form, but it includes shortcodes that you can use to place a form anywhere on your site.

    The email is sent just as an email, it isn't added as a post where it can be commented on as well.

    Some good ideas here. I will move this to Features & Feedback though so we can see what other community members think, and so it can be considered for future development.