Subscription form Sign up not working - a reply

Click the Membership and Dues to CHOOSE the level of membership so the amount goes to PayPal,
If you go directly to the /Register page, how do you choose the membership level? This only registers for the site, which is entirely free.

I truly hope someone can help with this. I have spent days.
I do not want to protect any content in the WordPress site.
Goal is to capture Member info, and take yearly payment on PayPal

1) Have 5 membership levels with PayPal buttons each ?Subscription
2) Custom form (used Buddy Press for more fields) ?Register? so: Visitor click Membership and Dues in the menu,
Membership selection page appears, click the button for the level, opens the custom form and completes it, click sign up which goes to on to PayPal.
Or should I be using some form of these codes on pages I have created?