Subscription Levels Display

Ok, so last week I made a bunch of subscription levels, monthly basic, yearly basic, monthly activist and so on. Today I added basic quarterly and it is displaying down at the bottom on the user end registration page. I switched it in dashboard from ‘display by ID’ to display by name’ and even put the letters, A., B., C., before each level in the order I wanted them to show up. However, on the user side, even after I clear the WP Cache, the Quarterly level is still at the bottom.

How can I go about making sure the levels are displayed in the order that makes the most sense?

Also, can I customize the default registration page with some text and images at the top of it, then I see I can use shortcode [subscriptionplans], but are there any shortcodes generated for the different plans I created so that if need be, I can circumvent the problem describe in the above paragraph?