Subscription not working for new users

After updating to Membership Premium Version the subscription to an access level is not working for new users. Problem not solved after updating to Version today. I am adding new users in the same way I always have and then moving from 'Visitor' to the correct subscription but the user can see all menus, ie nothing is protected as it should be. Thanks

  • PCI Team

    Hello Patrick

    Thanks for following up. The subscriptions and access levels are Active. The subscriptions are Private, not Public, because we don't want people to register themselves (hence no register page). We add users and assign the correct subscription to them. The Default subscription for registered users was set to 'Visitors' and is still being assigned correctly to new users.

    Oddly, today I logged in as test9 which was the new user for which protection was not working on Thursday and I find that now it is working fine. And I moved it from one subscription to another and that is also fine today. It is almost as if it required time for the protection to kick in!

    So, I optimistically created another new test user, test4, to confirm if everything was OK now. Sadly not, no matter which subscription I assigned to it, the protection is not working (all menus appear and all categories and posts are accessible).

    I know that each subscription is being correctly assigned to the new user test4 because I can see the correct text and logos appearing in the left-sidebar and member-sidebar, as determined by the 'Membership Subscription Text' widgets defined under Appearance > Widgets. In other words, the widgets work but not the protection.

    Because of your question about the default subscription, it made me think perhaps I could solve the problem by changing the default subscription from 'Visitors' to the specific subscription I want for the new user (rather than moving subscription after adding, as we usually do). So, I switched it to 'Open Level 1 WITHOUT materials - corporate client temporary visitor' and then added a new user test8. The subscription was correctly allocated but the protection is not working.

    And just to confirm, on Thursday I played around with adding new users via and using the Batch Create plugin which is what we usually do. Same problem occurred either way.

    As before, the protection is working fine for all previously existing users - Thursday's test 9 included!

    I have granted Support Staff Access until 16 October 2014 14:31.

    Thanks again for helping me.


  • PCI Team

    BTW, should you create a test user, you'll know at a glance that protection is working if you see a maximum of 6 or 7 items in the blue menu bar all on 1 row, not the full 12 menu items on 2 rows.

    And avoid choosing a subscription with a date in, e.g. 'C4P Level 2 - Nov 2013' because it's a secondary subscription to a main content subscription, e.g. 'Open Level 2 - Content Protection' which is the one that protects the menus. The secondary subscription only protects a few categories and posts and would be harder for you to see at a glance if it's working.

  • PCI Team

    Hello Ash

    Thank you for taking a look and for seeking a developer's opinion on what might be happening. When I switched level it didn't work (I tried a few different ones), so I'm interested that it worked for you. The only one I could get to work was when I switched back to the 'Visitor' subscription. However, switching again from Visitor to another subscription resulted in no protection (but widgets working).

    Many thanks for investigating.


  • PCI Team

    Hi Ash and Patrick

    Is there any news from the developer? Just to confirm, test9 didn't work when newly created last Thursday (widgets for the subscription showed up but the protection of menus, categories, posts etc did not work) and then started working after a period of time. The same thing has happened for test4 and test8 which I created on Monday (widgets for the subscription showed up but the protection of menus, categories, posts etc did not work). I tested the users again an hour after creating them and protection was still not working. However, when I tested them after a day and a half, hey presto, the protection had started working.

    So, there is clearly a time delay in the protection working even though the widgets for the subscription appear immediately.

    I have 80 people who have paid and are waiting for access to our e-Learning platform but I am not able to add these users until I know that protection works immediately.

    I look forwards to hearing from you.

    Many thanks


  • Jose

    Hey there @PCI Team,

    Thanks for the patience on this issue and also thanks for the detailed report.

    I mut say that it is an odd issue. I'll go through the code to see if I can find the root of the problem.

    In the meantime, I would like to know if you have any cache layer in place. This is the first thing that came to my mind whith the delaying.
    If there is infact a cache engine, can you test truning it off?

    I'm flagging the lead developer @Rheinard on this to have his input.


  • PCI Team

    Hello Jose

    Yes, we use W3 Total Cache. I tried to deactivate but was asked 'do you really want to do that' and redirected back to the network Plugins page. Before I try again, can I be sure that all the settings we have selected for this plugin will be retained so that I won't have to go through them all again when I reactivate the plugin?

    Also, when I just look at the General Settings for W3 Total Cache I saw the following notice:

    "The following setting pages contain new options or configuration changes. Please take note of the following:

    1) Browser Cache
    •404 error exception list

    2) Content Delivery Network
    •Theme file types to upload

    3) Database Cache
    •Ignored query stems

    4) Page Cache
    •Non-trailing slash pages"

    I replaced 1, 3 and 4 but it hasn't made any difference to the protection problem when adding a new user. I wasn't sure about 2 because I haven't yet updated our Blogs MU Theme version (we have version 1.4.1 installed) because I need time to redo some changes we made without a Child Theme and because an earlier version of Blogs MU wasn't compatible with IE8 which one of our major clients use. So, I need time to test the latest version.

    If I also replace number 2 above, will it automatically update the theme or does it do something else?

    Many thanks


  • PCI Team

    Hello Patrick, Jose and Rheinard

    I deactivated W3 Total Cache but no improvement. I waited 8 hours after deactivating before adding a new user but protection (menus, categories, posts, URLs etc) still did not start work immediately as it should . As ever, the correct sidebar widget appears immediately so I know the subscription has been assigned to the member.

    In case it helps your investigations I have granted Support Staff Access again until 25 October 2014 23:47.

    Many thanks for trying to identify the cause of the problem. We are unable to add new members until the access level rules kick in instantly as they used to.

    Best wishes


  • PCI Team

    Calling all relevant staff and developers :slight_smile:

    It is 20 days since I started this thread, and over a month since our site has not functioned properly (see

    I have upgraded to Version of the Membership Premium plugin but the problem described in this thread remains. I consider this to be a critical issue!!! Our e-Learning site is integral to the in-person training programmes we deliver globally, and for one programme (our Distance Learning Coach Certification Pathway) it is essential! We have a major client who paid in advance (months ago) for 80 users to access the online learning platform but when it came time (weeks ago) for them to join I was not able to invite them in. And since then the number of users needing to be added is increasing day by day (corporate clients and individuals from our public training programmes). It's embarrassing to keep telling them that we have a technical problem and don't know when it will be fixed!

    We moved the site from PB Works to WordPress in July 2013. We have invested a lot of time designing and refining the site until it worked as we wanted, most notably to get the content protection right for the various access levels we need.

    I really need to know today how long you estimate it will take to fix the problem so that we can decide whether or not we can continue to use WordPress.

    Thanks very much for your immediate attention.

    With kind regards


    (By the way, I reactivated W3 Total Cache today as our problem was not fixed by deactivating it.)

  • Jose

    Hey PCI Team,

    Aplogizes for the delay here and the issues you are facing.

    I've flagged the lead developer and the issue is on his queue. I'll bug him to take it as a priority.

    In the meantime, to avoid further delays, can you please send me the following information via contact form :

    - In the subject field add "Attn: Jose”
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include WP admin/network access
    - Include FTP host and credentials.
    - Include cPanel credentials.

    On the contact form, select "I have a different question", this ensures it comes through and gets assigned to me.


  • PCI Team

    BTW, if you add a new test user, you'll know at a glance that the default 'Visitor' protection is working when you log in as that member if you see 3 menu items in the blue menu bar (Home, About Performance Consultants and Contact), not the full 12 menu items on 2 rows.

    If you play around with moving from Visitor to another subscription you should see a maximum of 6 or 7 items in the blue menu bar. And as I mentioned before, avoid choosing a subscription with a date in, e.g. 'C4P Level 2 - Nov 2013' because it's a secondary subscription to a main content subscription, e.g. 'Open Level 2 - Content Protection' which is the one that protects the menus. The secondary subscription only protects a few categories and posts and would be harder for you to see at a glance if it's working.

    I find that approximately 24 hours after adding a new user the protection starts working for that member.

    Thanks again!

  • Rheinard

    Hi @PCI Team,

    I think I can see whats happening here.

    When using the 'Move' feature to move from Visitor to another level it honours the expiry date (which typically is the day after you added the user). So even if you 'move' to a new level it won't complete the move until the previous level has expired.

    Try to 'Drop' the subscription first, then 'Add' the level you want to add.

    There were some updates to this behaviour in the code from what I can see. I will confirm this for you, but can you please try the above suggestion to see if this works for you.


    UPDATE: Also, I disabled the option "Assign first subscription level to new users" from your Membership options as this is the source of the problem. Its the action that assigns the 1 day expiry in the first place.

  • PCI Team

    Hi Rheinard

    Thank you very much for taking a look. What you say is very interesting and what I felt was happening, ie a full access level that only expires after 1 day.

    I have already played around with disabling "Assign first subscription level to new users". With it disabled, on adding the new user they automatically go to "Visitor (set by default)" and can only see the non-subscribed menus a stranger sees. However, as it isn't a subscription per se, you can't 'Drop' it. You can only 'Add'. If I add Subscription X immediately (as we have always done), rather than waiting 1 day, then the new member moves to full access rather than seeing just the menus that are accessible to Subscription X. Once the member has been in the system for a day there is no problem moving from Subscription X to Subscription Y.

    With "Assign first subscription level to new users" enabled I have also played around with trying to assign the desired Subscription X as default so as not to have to go through an extra step of moving to Subscription X after adding the user. This would be my ideal process. However, at present the new user can see the full access menus for the first day.

    I do find it odd that when viewing the status of the new member in Membership > All Members, under the column 'Level Expires' the date is 24 hours from the date of adding the member even though the 'Mode' we set for the level is 'Indefinite'. It's almost as if 'Level Expires' in fact means 'Level Becomes Active'.

    Thanks again for your help


  • PCI Team

    Hello Rheinard and Jose

    Any news after taking a look at the code? I updated to Version
    this morning. Then I enabled "Assign first subscription level to new users" and set Subscription XYZ as default. Then I added a new user. Checking Membership I could see that the user was correctly assigned Subscription XYZ and Membership Level XYZ. However, when I logged in as the new user the same problem exists, ie the user can see the correct Sidebar Widget for Subscription XYZ but has access to all menus, content etc on the website.

    So then I tried something Rheinard suggested which was to Drop the subscription. Oddly, instead of moving to "Visitor (set by default)" as I expected would happen for a member without a subscription, the member moved to "Subscription XYZ (set by default)". And then, amazingly, the member only had access to the correct content for Membership Level XYZ. But ... the member can't see the Sidebar Widget.

    So then I added the correct subscription again but the member again has access to ALL menus, content etc (and the widget)!

    I am desperate now. Will I have to rebuild our website with a plugin like Protected Content? And then who's to say we won't run into problems when that plugin is updated?

    Help!!! What would you advise?

    Thank you


  • PCI Team

    Hello Rheinard

    Fantastic!!! Version does indeed appear to have fixed the problem. Thank you for persevering.

    I wonder if the issues the others experienced were different because they have set up Positive Rules while we only use Negative Rules. Just a thought.

    Again, many thanks for finally fixing this critical issue. I am so relieved that we can resume business again!

    Kind regards


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