Subscription Page, no buttons for upgrade

I have created 2 subscriptions for my page. A Free level subscription, and a Paid Level Subscriptions. both are active and public. I have both set to serial. Free level starts off as serial-free, then second level is paid. Paid level only has the paid option.

I have both Free gateway and paypall express gateway active.

Under options I the free level subscription set to the free subscription, enable incomplete is on.

The problem is when a new user creates a login in and choses free. If they then goto the subscription link as if they wanted to now upgrade to paid account. They are what is the attatched image.

The problem is even though there is the option for them to upgrade. There is no link or button, so they have nothing to click on to make it happen.

What can I do to fix this? Ive seen multiple other threads on this same subject, but no one was actually given a way to solve it.