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Supporters plugin only support membership up to 1 year. Do you know how to extend this period for customers who want longer membership?

  • DavidM
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    Hello takateam,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Supporter currently doesn't provide an option for other than the included durations, the maximum being a year. If you'd need those options and are willing to go to the plugin's code to make the necessary changes, you'll find the relevant code tidbits starting on line 324 in the file supporter-framework.php.

    You should be able to entire your desired durations where the file reads strtotime("+1 year"); or similar, replace the "+1 year" with your preference. You may want to search the rest of the file for the term "year" as well so you can adjust the text displayed for users on the front-end.

    It should be noted though, Supporter is under heavy development right now and we're really hoping for the upcoming release very soon! If you can handle the wait, it will be well worth it! :slight_smile:


  • takateam
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    Thanks so much, but i think that just want to change period without using gateway Papay, todo that i only change 15 line code loop which certain 365 like this : for ( $counter = 1; $counter <= 365; $counter += 1) . In your opinion about that?
    Cheers, takateam

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