Subscription Plan Registration Problems


I just upgraded to the new membership plugin but it is not functioning correctly at all. I had this system set up before the upgrade and it worked great but now with the update it does not work. Here is a step by step of how the sign-up process worked.

1. The site has BuddyPress Integration

2. Due to the extra plugins associated with Buddypress I kept that registration form as the active form for people to sign-up with.

3. They go through the normal Buddypress registration process where they must activate their account.

4. When they first sign in it automatically redirects them to the page to choose which subscription plan they want to choose. (It is at this point that membership no longer works).

Here is the problem:

1. When I choose a plan it doesn’t register it. It acts like it worked but if you use the top drop down navigation and click “Upgrade Account” it does not register it. It constantly says that no plan has been selected by the user. Therefor I have to automatically add them to a plan to use which will get annoying. Any idea what is happening? You can create a dummy account at to see what I am talking about.