Subscription plans modes and periods

I'm not sure why but the above is showing Membership Lite when I have actually installed Membership Premium and am using it.

Anyway... my question is this: each of the 3 levels of membership I am offering are annual membership, so renewable after 365 days. And, if half way through that period a user decides they'd like to upgrade, I hope that they can upgrade accordingly... just wanted to check that I am right to set the Subscription plans as SERIAL MODE for a PERIOD OF 365 DAYS?

The reason I ask is because, when I click on the SUBSCRIBE Paypal button I get the following error message: "invalid regular period. You must specify valid values for A3, P3, T3 parameterss for subscription'

I have selected PayPal Express Gateway as my payment gateway.

In the 'membership options extras' tab under Membership renewal I have set it to 365 days and Membership upgrades to 1 day.

Please can you advise about what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks
Kind regards