Subscription start date should be greater than current date – paypal payment

Update: solved.

It was my mistake, but: When upgrading a site from main website admin panel, subscription doesn’t reflect on the upgrade plan Pro Site web, which leads to misunderstood. If that isn’t an integration problem of my site, I would recommend to update the code.




when using Pro Sites (Versión 3.0.3), paypal gateway fails.

All process looks ok until It returns to the website with an error on top:

There was a problem setting up the Paypal payment:

“Subscription start date should be greater than current date”

Please try again.

I’ve check time zone in wordpress and paypal (GTM +1 – Spain), and it looks correct, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

Somewhere I’ve seen it should be a date picker, but I could not found it (it’s only on old versions?). I’m using network theme.

Any idea? Can I modify the code in order to add 1 more day to the subscription (easy solution)? Or there is a bug that can be fixed?

Many thanks,