Subscriptions – URGENT

Hi guys,

I have a REAL problem with my subscriptions in my membership plugin.

What I did :

– my users were under joomla, so I migrated all of them under wordpress.

– some of them are free members, and the others are paying members.

– on the joomla website, they were using another gateway than paypal

– on wordpress, i set up the paypalexpress gateway only

– paying members were migrated with there subscription expiry dates

What is the problem ?

– there is no problem for the free members, because they can subscribe to my subscriptions using the paypal buttons

– I have a BIG problem with my paying members :

> When they are logged in, they have the button “cancel subscription” that appear, but because they never used paypal, they can’t cancel anything. They also can’t upgrade there subscription, because the sub does not exist.

> Moreover, it says that the sub will be renewed automatically, which is not true. We tried with a test profile, that expired, and the result is the same. The sub is still active, and the member cannot pay for the new sub, or renew it. And he has still access to the restricted content.

I was supposed to LAUNCH my website today, and I discovered this problem today.

ANYONE can help me fix this please ?

What I want :

– The member (migrated members) can pay on paypal when his sub has finished.

– The message “your sub will renew automatically” should not appears for migrated members.

That problem REALLY makes me crazy.

Thank you for your support.