Subsite admins getting permissions error when trying to get on their dashboard

Hello, I have a multisite with pro sites and a sub site admin recently contacted me that she cannot get on her dashboard anymore. She is getting the “you do not have sufficient permissions” error. I checked my sites under the network admin dash and all my sub sites suddenly have no users anymore listed. Normally they would all have the subsite admin listed as administrator. ………the first thing I did was go to this particular user’s site and add her as an administrator to her own site. That has not given her access to her dashboard. I have started deactivating plugins one by one but nothing has come up so far.

Recently the only big thing I did to the site was add the following to the wp-config file to force the https as I do have a ssl security certificate. define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

I removed it but that has not solved the problem.