Subsite is not showing Publish widget

Subsite is not showing Publish widget when we edit a page.

Pro Sites is enabled and it's being used the Post/Page Quotas module.

FTP and WP admin credentials already sent during the live chat.

  • Luís
    • Support

    Hi leoventans ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    From what I tested, the issue is on the custom plugin used - (Prosite) Limit Postype. If you remove the plugin, the "Publish" widget will be displayed.

    Pro Sites have a default feature to limit the custom post type in the "Post/Page Quotas" module and the option to select a minimum Pro Level to remove this limits.

    Not sure the amount of code needed to fix this, honestly, so I pinged the SLS team (code experts) to get their valuable feedback and check if we can give some pointers.

    Since this team deals with more advanced threads it may take them longer to reply.

    Cheers, Luís

  • Lindeni Mahlalela
    • Recruit

    Hi leoventans,

    I hope you are doing great today. Thank you for reporting this issue to us and thank you for your patience while we were looking into it.

    I have double checked the behavior of Pro Site's Post/Page Quota module. This module does not remove the Publish Widget but instead it replaces the "Publish" button with an "Upgrade Your Account" button which links to the Pro Site upgrade page. When editing the post while the post/page quota has been reached you should see something like this:

    Pro Sites does not remove the publishing widget as seen on the screenshot. Unfortunately, we don't have the " (Prosite) Limit Postype" plugin and we don't know how it works. If we had this plugin we may try to do a quick check and see if it is not the cause for this issue.

    If you still need help with this issue please resend update FTP and WP Admin login details so we can have another look at this. We will be happy to hear back from you.

    Have a nice day.

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