Subsite Login Page Redirecting To Main Site Login Page

Hi :slight_smile: In my multisite network, when a sub site user goes to log in at, he gets redirected to

I would expect the person to be able to log in via their subsite login area, and go into WP that way.

When I login with the subsite credentials in the main site login area after redirect, it logs you into a profile area but not WP area.

Can you advise on how my subsite users should access their main site after logging out from initial registration?


  • Milan

    Hello Austin

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Hi In my multisite network, when a sub site user goes to log in at, he gets redirected to

    This is not the case with my MultiSite installation. :confused: When I try to login via any of my subsite, I can do it very easily. It gives me login form to enter my login credentials and when I enter right ones, it logs me in to system.

    So can you disable all of your plugin and then try to login again ?

    Moreover, please enable staff access to your site so that I can test well. :slight_smile: You can grant me support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.

    Look forward to hearing back. :slight_smile:

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Austin,

    Thanks for granting access, I had a look at your site and created new site for testing purposes, I tried going to both when site has pro site status and without it, in both cases I was redirected to my test site admin section, here's a short video of how it behaves on my end:

    Can you tell me which browser and OS you are using so I could test in same conditions and of course let me know if you see in that video something that I'm doing wrong :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Austin

    Hi Predrag,

    Thanks a lot for testing. I'm still running into an issue though:

    When I tested with your above test credentials, it did work for me as it did your video.

    But when I created a new subsite, logged out and then tried to log back in, it didn't work. What happened is it seems to try to log in, then the page just refreshes and shows the login screen again with a blank un pw.

    The video demonstrates:

    You'll see that I tried to log in with the username + pw and also the email address + pw combinations and both times i just got the login screen again.

    I also tried to login with an incorrect un/pw (this is not in the video though), and in that case it did give me a username/pw error.

    Thank you very much for your help

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Austin,

    Thanks for sharing the video with me.

    I checked your site and run some more tests on it and I found that it behaves quite unpredictably.

    I registered for a site and I wasn't able to login immediately through Firefox. I was however able to login to the same site with no issues whatsoever using Chrome (which I didn't use to signup for the site) and then separate Firefox window in incognito mode.

    I then signed up for another site and still wasn't able to login to it using Firefox but I was no suddenly able to login to the one that I previously created (this time using the same FF window, non-incognito mode). Still login in Chrome worked fine.

    This leads me to thinking that for some reason cookies/sessions are not handled well there. I can see that entire setup runs over SSL connection but there are also plugins active to remove email verification and handle login redirection. Have you tried to disable them?

    I also noticed that there's Pro Site plugin active on the site but the front-end signup is not a Pro Sites signup. Have you tried to switch the Pro Site's plugin as well temporarily? Also, could you please elaborate a bit on how the signup form is built on your site?

    Best regards,

  • Austin

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks very much for having a look at his – I appreciate the total WPMUDEV team effort.

    I see what you mean, re your note above.

    What I did was, I disabled Pro Sites, Remove Email Verification & Login Redirect – but when I did that, when I registered a new site, it forced me to login instead of just redirecting me to the back end of the sub site logged in already. So I enabled Remove Email Verification, and then registered a new site again, and was able to complete the registration process successfully. So I need to keep this as i need this functionality.

    But, I can go without Pro Sites and Login Redirect (and they are now network disabled).

    So now with this current state, I then tested logging into a subsite, and was unsuccessful (just got the usual login page refresh) via Chrome, but I was successful 1 minute later when I tried to log in via IE.

    So, I agree that it’s behaving inconsistently, even now with the disabling of Pro Sites & Login Redirect.

    To your other question, I don’t have a lot of technical explanation about the registration process because I had a developer develop it for me however he mirrored the process in edublogs.

    Can you help me dig a little deeper or anything? I’m concerned because of how inconsistent the behavior is – why would it work perfectly in IE but not Chrome and how to fix?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Austin!

    I run some more tests on your site and I think I got it working now. The solution was to enable "Cross-domain autologin" in "Domain Mapping" settings. That's counter-intuitive as this option should be useful only if there are mapped domains but it seems that as a "side effect" it also "fixed" the cookies issue that I mentioned previously.

    I'm still not sure why that issue occurs anyway as it doesn't seem to be related to our plugins or a result of a plugin conflict. My best bet would be that it is related to some customizations that were made to your site. However, since you're already using Domain Mapping after all this should be working fine now.

    Could you please double-check that (you may need to clear your browser's cache fully prior to testing!) and let me know if it's working fine now?

    Best regards,

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