Subsite shows the meta field on the user profile but not the rest of the site.

I am using the User Meta Manager plugin in my multisite.
All the users are synced for all the site so if the information is entered from a different site, it should still be shown.
I need the meta field to show user profile on all the websites.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Zandra Flores,

    Please do note that User Meta Manager is a 3rd party plugin, and what we could check regarding this is limited.

    When I check your dashboard it seems like the mentioned plugin is disabled at the moment. The error shared in the screenshot is related to adding the same meta value, since the plugin hasn't been updated over 3 years, it's tough to say whether this is it's default workflow, or an issue with how the plugin adds it's meta datas in a multisite.

    I'm trying to access the mentioned subsite via /wp-admin URL, but it's loading a 404 screen, which I guess is happening due to the custom admin URL configured in the subsite dashboard, so wasn't able to give a look at how how the existing DOB field in the subsite side.

    I gave a quick test in my system, and I could replicate the same issues, if I'm not wrong, it should have worked out of the box with adding existing custom meta data to other members.

    Maybe, as a workaround instead of adding the same meta data you could try creating unique meta datas, and see whether that helps?


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