Suggested feature for Prosites

I am using Prosites with different levels and wanted to get a suggestion to the developer that I think many people would like: I want to use Prosites in conjunction with New Blog Templates so that at signup, the new user has the option of selecting from different blog templates based on their level. For example: Level 1 users get template 1-5 to select from; Level 2 users get template 6-10 to choose from.

As it works now, I will not be able to offer templates based on their level. Instead, I will offer different premium themes they can choose after they sign up based on their level.

But that leads me to my second point, actually a question: let's say two people sign up and both get the default theme even though one is in level 1 and the other in level 2. Can I then go into level 2 sites and use the New Blog template to manually produce a custom template site for them? If so, what happens to their default theme? Does this make sense and is it possible?

Thanks, Joe.