Suggested feature (if it doesn't already exist)

Just checking out this plugin and it looks good but there are a lot of options for each feed and I find I'm entering the same thing for each one. It would be nice if I could set default values for a new feed.

Even nicer, if I were to put this on a multisite and allow people to add feeds then I'd like to be able to give them a restricted and simplified version of it. So for instance they'd only be able to add a feed url and title but everything else would be set by the defaults that the network admin would control. That way they've got a nice simple interface that isn't too daunting to non techie types whilst I as network admin have some assurance that they can't do too much damage.

A limit on how many feeds they can set could also be useful, though perhaps that's something that could be done with another plugin, like Pro Sites?