Suggested Prerequisites for a Multi-DB Installation

I've been looking into VPS Hosting packages which vary greatly in price and features. What would be the most important features to consider before purchasing?

  • PC


    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Whenever you are choosing a host for your WordPress sites, you need to take care of the below things

    1: Is the hosting tuned for WordPress
    2: What is the max memory limit for php
    3: How many VPS accounts is the host creating on one server.

    Last but not the least, what is the level of expertise on the technical support. As you will be contacting them for nothing but issues related to your WordPress sites.

    I am sure that there will be a lot of other views on this thread by our other members.

    Cheers, PC

  • Richmanray

    I would definitely put support at the top of the list.

    When I was shopping for VPS Packages there were so many choices that it was hard to even compare one to the next. The best I could do is look at other people's independent opinions based on what's worked for them.

    Most of the top ten lists you find for hosting and the like are affiliate marketers making money from any of the choices you click.
    Since I asked this question 5 days ago I've been down many dark alleys and sat in the rain awhile - finally I'm seeing positive results.

    1: Is the hosting tuned for WordPress?
    2: What is the max memory limit for php?
    3: How many VPS accounts is the host creating on one server?

    The answers I got:
    "Our VPSs are unmanaged and you will have root access to your VPS. You can tune your VPS as you need it tuned. You can use the web server software of your choice and the PHP version of your choice and set the max memory limit to what ever you want. We limit the number of VPS accounts on each physical server to 70 or less. We do this because we don't want to oversell RAM."

    My Server Stats:
    Server Grade SuperMicro Rack Mounted Server
    Dual Intel Xeon 5620 CPUs
    144GB of RAM (18x8GB)
    8 SAS drives in RAID10
    Dual 1Gbps ports
    Dual 10Gbps ports
    Dual Power Supplies (with dual UPS)
    According to my Control Panel I've got
    8xIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620
    100GB Disk Space
    5TB Bandwidth
    2GB RAM Memory (2GB VSwap)

    I've yet to get my WordPress Multisite/Multi-DB up and humming but when I do I'll revisit this post and put up some detailed stats.
    This VPS is "unmanaged" which means minimal direct hardware support but making friends in communities as you go is the key to understanding how this whole thing works.

  • Richmanray

    Finally getting to the Fun Stuff

    I've gotten CentOS installed and configured and
    Virtualmin (CPanel replacement) set up properly.

    I had a problems with DNS settings (GoDaddy related) and Permissions (VirtualMin related) but after taking my time, asking questions and doing alot of research I was able to get it right.

    VirtualMin/Webmin is vast and just learning the assumed terms sent me back to YouTube, and LinuxCBT. VirtualMin/Webmin allows you to "tune" your server to use to resources best fitting the kind of traffic anticipated. I've spent many hours just looking in different areas and figuring out how they relate to what I want to accomplish.

    Before I get too much on my WordPress site up I'll do some speed and security tests.
    PC - Any tools you might recommend for speed testing? I'd like to find out what I've got under the hood and would welcome any experts to chime in.

    Movement around my new VPS site feels as though I'm working in a program on my own computer. That alone is worth all the long nights. I deserve a short break and then back to it.

  • Richmanray

    Thanks for the info PC.
    Looks like I've still got some tweaking to do. I like the way Gtmetrix breaks things down. Google's PageSpeed Insights gives me alot of useful information also:

    I will install the Multi-db before I start the process of Optimizing though. I want to make sure that these improvements work network-wide.

    As we Journey on...
    With a little work and adherence to some WordPress Best Practices I'm sure the scores will rise along with security, SEO and overall performance. Maybe the guide that will come out of this might be titled: WordPress Multi-DB installation Best Practices.
    It's all a matter of balance - So much to learn still.

  • Richmanray

    Hey, if it were an easy accomplishment everyone would have Multiple Databases.
    I'm confident the results will be worth it but the process needs better explanation.

    Having prerequisite considerations to an installation this involved is all well and good but the published installation guide should read more like a chemistry experiment - with warnings and caveats using BOLD and italicized bullet points.

    Multi-DB is more of a process then a plugin.
    You must have a strategic approach to this process.

    Normal Wordpress Backup strategies don't apply to backing up Multi-DB installations. You have to perform a MySQL dump on all databases.
    I am currently working on a way to MySQL dump all databases to Google Drive and will post that method when I'm confident it works 100%.

    I'm a graphics and marketing guy and not a coder this effort has taken me out of my comfort zone for some time now. I'm writing things down as I go so maybe I'll have a solid guide to help others when I'm done.

  • Richmanray

    I've been plagued with problems installing and configuring my VPS and controlling software. Although it was a massive learning experience I don't recommend it to anyone.

    I am moving from an unsupported VPS in a closet in Iowa to a fully supported network in the Clouds. 24\7 support is gold after floating in space for the past 2 months.

    I managed to get similar server stats plus CPanel with for $27.98 a month. Now it is time to rethink my approach to's plugins and work on WordPress Multi-DB installation Best Practices. No more guesswork.

    Best Practices starts with SUPPORT, SUPPORT,SUPPORT

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