Suggested Upgrades to Buddypress Group Email Plugin

Team WPMU,

I would like to see BP Group Email get an overhaul.

Needed fixes:

- Option to connect to the Group Admin's external email service (i.e. MailChimp Account), assigned group members to a specified email list.
- HTML email composition/templating
- Option for Drip content (maybe tied to ProSites account level?)
- Sent eMail history (visible to group admin, could also be library for drip content if enacted)

If you had to do any of these, unless you're going to overhaul eNewsletter (which needs it, see other thread), then go low maintenance and enable new group members to be assigned up for an external email account (MailChimp, aWeber, etc). That way the users get full functionality on their terms.

We use BP as a very powerful marketing method, and being able to integrate that into an email system would be killer.

For example, a Pro-Sites user has multiple groups based on their products (books, in our case). Each member who joins one of those groups could be automatically added to the admin's MailChimp -- now social interaction has been tied to their eNewsletter marketing efforts.

I can see this for music, fitness groups, diet groups, classes (if paired with CoursePress, for example).

The concept here is to mature this germ of an idea -- emailing a targeted group -- into a full solution that ties targeted social interaction to a tailored email marketing campaign, with all the functionality that comes with that. Tying it to an external mail application is a great start (you're halfway there with the MailChimp Integration plugin).

Let's kill the half measure and turn this into a functional, valuable tool.