Suggesting a better feature voting system

I believe it would benefit your company and us members if you had a better voting platform for features and suggestions. Right now it just seems to be a wall of suggestions, and many people don't have the time to comb through all of them. A true voting system would better present ideas for member input, gaining you more valuable feedback. Better feedback results in a better feature set for your plugins. Better features means more happy members. Its a win-win.

There are a bunch of them out there, and I'm hopeful others will add to this list:
Rackspace (probably in house), but I love how they provide categories on the right, and which ideas are under consideration, declined or completed:

UserVoice is a bit pricey, but it probably would be worth it.

The Idea Wall (demo):

Free plugin:

Or I'm sure one of your smart guys or gals can roll your own solution as well :wink:.

The main point is have the following:
1) Feedback/Idea Categories - these could be by plugin or by feature/task, but it is important so that members can drill down to their area of interest.
2) Simple voting system (not +1 comments) to rank ideas
3) Simple sorting (most popular, hottest, newest)

I have a strong suspicion that you are currently missing out on valuable member input with your current system.