Suggestion for Affiliate shortcode [affiliateuserdetails]

The shortcode [affiliateuserdetails] shows a box with a message that is configured in Affiliates->Settings->Affiliate settings profile text

This box i s only showed to logged in users which is great. We have added the shortcode to the user's profile page and
inside this box we have added a message to encourage members to become an affiliate as this is the purpose of this box.

However, we noticed that after the user has become an affiliate, they can click on "edit" and they will see the same message. This can be confusing to a logged in user that has already become an affiliate.

My suggestion is to have 2 separate messages in Affiliates->Settings
. One message for potential affiliates and one message for existing affiliates.

Something like the following:
Affiliates->Settings->Profile text for logged in users that are NOT yet Affiliates

Affiliates->Settings->Profile text for existing Affiliates

If there is an existing solution on the plugin that we have overlooked, please let us know. Thanks!