Suggestion for Autoblog - Create Categories on the Spot (plus Parent Cats)

I had a suggestion for the Autoblog plugin. I ran into this situation with a project, and so I thought others might run into it too.

The issue is that I want to eventually pull in hundreds and maybe even thousands of feeds and GIVE EACH its own category. (Actually, I'd like to put each in its own child category.)

I am wondering what will happen when I attempt to add a feed to a category, and I have thousands of categories. It seems that the pull down list will get very cumbersome. So here's what I was thinking:

The current system seems to work fine for many (probably most cases), and so it would probably make sense to keep it. But then, if needed, maybe there could be a another section for this more involved situation.

Would it be possible to have a second section (maybe make it an addon) with a pull-down list of only top-level parent categories that could be selected as the parent category, and then have a text box where a new child category could be written in and created on the spot as a category/child category.

In this way, someone could easily select a parent category (of which there would be a lot fewer - maybe 20 or 30) and then create the child category there on the spot. This would seem to avoid the long, cumbersome pull-down menu.

Not sure how difficult something like this would be, but as it would solve a current problem I'm foreseeing, I thought I'd throw it out there.


p.s. By the way, would anything malfunction if a pull-down list got up into the thousands?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Joe,

    Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

    If I were personally laying this out, I would use a MultiSite installation with the main domain name containing a directory of sub sites with the sub site domains containing the category name as the first step of category division.

    This should indeed offer seo benefits as well.

    Though I do not know the answer to what will happen with thousands of categories in the pull down list, we have not come across this yet to the best of my knowledge.

    However, I will certainly move this to the feature requests forum and make sure that it is brought to the lead developer of the Autoblog plugin attention.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Joe Foley
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Joe.

    The reason I'm not doing multisite is because it's hard for me to manipulate the different blogs in the ways I want to. It's much easier to do it if they're in categories on the same blog.

    In any case, I decided to test out putting a few thousand categories into the blog to see how the pull-down menu would do. I created about 3,500, and it actually wasn't bad at all. So maybe it's not so necessary for me after all.

    In any case, one nice feature that might help the plugin is the ability to create a category on the fly. If I remember right, FeedWordPress has that feature, and it made things a little easier.

    Thanks again,

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