SUGGESTION: Googlemaps API Plugin to Show User Locations

We have now had multiple requests for a "Map" page that would show the geographic location of all our members (wp multisite, no buddypress).

In my humble opinion, the ideal plugin would add two data fields to each user's profile page: zip code and gps coordinates. A "Map" page would then be created that shows a global map with markers for each user that has completed either of those fields, pulling in their location by gps or zip code in that order priority (i.e.; if no gps use zip, if neither show no marker). In a perfect world, the markers would be user Avatars, and clicking the marker would provide links to both the user's blog/site and profile. The API should render the map on the page with no need to create an actual map in "My Maps" at Google. Integration with Members Directory plugin a plus.

I searched these forums and found an old discussion about similar functionality for BuddyPress, but no mention of such for WP Multisite.

There is a similar module for PHPfox, and here's an existing plugin for BuddyPress with similar functionality:

Happy to provide feedback and/or test! Thanks for the consideration.