Suggestion: Invite system

Since I see it mentioned yet again on the mu forums, I'll make the suggestion for a plugin spam, um I mean invite system.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hmmm, like a 5 digit invite code tied to an email address that would be used to register?

    Users can inviter X amount of people or something, and then if registering and there were no invite code, kill it?

    That would work, yeah, and may boost some sales for Andrew. :slight_smile:

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    OK, I may not make many friends by suggesting this but surely, what you really really want is an integration with yahoo/hotmail/gmail whereby you either get to invite or promote your blog to all your contacts (a la facebook / linked in).

    I've never really understood the 'scarcity' approach.

  • andrea_r
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yeah I was trying to make sense of the original one they had in there. How hard would it be to initially code something whereby only admin could send out invites, then eventually add in the option to allow members to invite their friends?

    I was mostly on it as it was a popular requested feature that we *might* use at soem point, but eventually I got tired of the "gimmies" in the regular forums. (and I got busy, had surgery, you know... life..)

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    To me, it would seem that it might be easier to just do it from the get go, and then set an option or 2 in the global options table for

    a) invite system active (t/f, so it can be turned off)

    b) who can send invites?
    - enum field (1,2,3)
    - 1: site admin only
    - 2: blog owners (and site admin)
    - 3: all users (and site admin, blog owners too)

    c) if users can send invites, how many they are allowed to send (overall, site admin is always unlimited)

    Probably need a global table to track all invites, maybe another one to track users and their number of invites available (or run an alter table to add those fields into the user table).

    Then maybe a new page (under manage?) to manage invites. If the user is a site admin, they see all values, or the user sees just their invites.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    I might use it on the Lounge, but not for sure.

    I've considered going that route, and maybe drawing in more reliable and active participants.

    One thing an invite system would do is kill splogs, that's for sure.

  • zelig
    • New Recruit

    I'm definitely in need of this. In fact I subscribed to premium hoping I would find support for such a feature. Was this not already developed for I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

    Here's a brief functional description of what I'd look for in this plug-in:

    Similar to private, invite-only torrent sites, or Gmail invite, the ability for a site admin to send an invite to a email address and provide that user with x number of invites by default. I would also want this compatible with the multi-domains plug-in.

  • Bloggproffs
    • Flash Drive

    id be intrested in some parts of that code, not the part of restricting signup, altough the part of keeping track of who refferd who, by registration codes. and by that having a solidground for competitions and such, when i pass 500 active users im planing on starting a series of competitions, where the gist of it is to simply recruite people.

    hmm, is it possible to tie this to the premium plugin, say, by recruiting 5 people you get 5 credits?, 10 people 10 credits and so on.

    A nice feature would be to be able to see how many your own recruits have recruited (in numbers only)

    Fredrik Näs

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    hmm, is it possible to tie this to the premium plugin, say, by recruiting 5 people you get 5 credits?, 10 people 10 credits and so on.

    I was thinking that you could add in a field to input the email address of the recruiter but that could be faked since so many folks have multiple email addresses.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    Wow! You got a team Andrew? Where they at, hiding under the desk??? he he he...

    Sorry Z, I couldn't help it. Not to pick on ya (too much :wink: )

    On the lighter side of sports, just so you know, Andrew is the one coding up the goodies, and he does have quite the busy schedule (with which I can sympathize, completely). So, needless to say, it might take a little longer for him to get things rolling/updated, but the code is quite good.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    Um, there is no team dude. lol

    That's what I was getting at.

    I might modify a file and let Andrew have the changes on a rare occasion, but that's the extent of it, and it's only as a helping hand on those rare occasions. But, knowing Andrew is quite busy, that's why I let you know that if this is moved into the "add as a plugin" type list, that it might be a while before it's seen. However, the plugins are top notch and worth a little extra wait. :wink:

  • zelig
    • New Recruit

    fair enough. I'm just trying to figure out if this is in development or not. and if so, when they expect it to be released. hate to play the card, but I'm a paying premium member so I think it's reasonable to ask.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    Sure it is. I'm not saying it isn't.

    But, just understand that we as users kick around ideas quite a lot, and not all of which will ever see the light of day. If it doesn't say Developer under their username, then it's speculation (for the most part) when discussing plugins that don't exist.

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