Suggestion: Multi DB should be in standard WPMU

The multi database should be released for public consumption and incorporated into the framework of WPMU feature releases...

It makes sense to include it into the framework of WPMU as installations of WPMU can get big over time.

  • drmike

    Will be any problem if my blogs grows till 1000?

    Depends on the specific OS your site is on and any restrictions place by your host on the number of files and subdirectories you can have within a directory. Most OSes have a limit of roughly 32k files and subdirectories. A typical blog defaults to 8 tables and three files per table. 32k / (8 x 3) = 1300 blogs. Your mileage may vary of course depending on any extra tables created by plugins and the file count restrictions mentioned up above.

    Someone told me once that CPanel defaults to 21k files per directory. I've never found any written confirmation on that though.

    I'll leave the "Release to the wild" question to Andrew. I will mention though that Matt had stated for about 18 months that HyperDB did the same function that MultiDB did until another developer mentioned in passing that it didn't and the code mysterious appeared in there.

    There are also like 3 other solutions out there anyway. I believe one of them is still supported.

  • Andrew

    Hi Guys,

    For those who haven't heard, WPMU will be merging into WP. So something like Multi-DB isn't likely to be added into the core.

    Are all plugins ok to run with this?

    The only plugins that aren't compatible are those that use joins across a blog table and global table. Well that and poorly coded plugins.

    We've only come across one plugin that doesn't work well with Multi-DB and that's twitter tools.