Suggestion: news about new and updated things on WPMU Premium

Sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language.

It will be good, if somewhere on this site will be displayed information about new and updated plugins, themes, etc.
To check it now (what updated, what is new) — users must to go throught all pages (plugins, themes, extra) and look at "Updated _date_". It is not comfortable.

I suggest: do some list in sidebar like this:

  • [NEW] Supporter
  • [NEW] Rebranding WordPress MU
  • [UPD] Default Theme
  • [UPD] Login Redirect
  • [UPD] Logout Redirect

And put in this list last 10 or 20 updated and new things on WPMU Premium (not only plugins: plugins, themes, extra).

One more: you can do that throught RSS. All WPMU Premium users will be informed about new and updated things on this site.

I think, it will be good. How do you think?